Last month The Forge hosted the second in our series of unforgettable events that we are running throughout 2017. As we have shared previously, the premise of these events is quite simple – we want to say thank you to our clients and spend some time with people away from meeting rooms, workshops and debriefs BUT in a way that feels in-keeping with our ethos and our way of working.

For us this means experiences that are inspiring; experiences that allow us to find a new way of looking at something familiar. Experiences that unearth new and interesting stories. Experiences that are out of the ordinary. Experiences which challenge us to think differently.

Last time it was an unforgettable night behind-the-scenes at the awe-inspiring St Paul’s cathedral, this time we went in search of our inner Willy Wonkas with the irrepressible Bompas and Parr.

Breathe Responsibly - sage advice from the Bompas + Parr studios

Breathe Responsibly - sage advice from the Bompas + Parr studios

Sam Bompas & his electric gherkins - don't try this at home!

Sam Bompas & his electric gherkins - don't try this at home!

For those of you unfamiliar with Bompas and Parr’s work, they are the architects of projects as mad, inventive and diverse as multisensory fireworks; a very alcoholic breathable cocktail bar; the incredibly detailed Harrods Jelly Parlour of Wonders; the mind-blowing Voice of God; and the very cheeky Grope Mountain.

And for the first time ever they were opening up their south London studios to share a few of their secrets.

The evening started with Sam Bompas proving that you can, in fact, use pickled gherkins as an (albeit temporary and explosive) chandelier. An unusual start to an event but one that perfectly illustrates their approach: asking themselves ‘what would happen if…’ and tackling every challenge with a mindset of ‘not why, but why not’.

This philosophy became the theme for the evening and we found ourselves in a workshop experimenting with, amongst other things; vodka that had been struck by lightening, goose eggs, colour changing gin, edible paint, the essence of freshly mown grass and psychedelic tea. Because? Why not.

It was by turns baffling, bonkers and brilliant but everyone who was part of the session came away feeling a little more adventurous, willing to try something new and different, to see what might happen, to push their own boundaries or just for the hell of it…because you never know what might happen if you just give it a try.

The evening was another once in a lifetime experience and while this event is never to be repeated, we will be running other equally interesting and inspiring events throughout the year. If you’d like to be included on the invite list for the kind of events you won’t get invited to elsewhere, then please do contact a member of The Forge team or email


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