Our structure and the way we work is designed to ensure that we can deliver genuine commercial impact into a business quickly and efficiently.



Everyone at The Forge is a director because an exclusively senior team means we can work differently to other agencies; our time is spent on projects, on working with you, not on managing our business.

Our experience brings richness and rigour to every project, seeing connections and opportunities in information that others can't.

And our experience means we can work more quickly and flexibly, adapting projects to changing business circumstances and requirements.


As a principle, we firmly believe that the more people work together, making the most of available resources, the more efficiently & effectively challenges can be solved.

Often that means working closely with our clients throughout the project, to build a solution together. However, we are also realistic and recognise that for a variety of reasons, that isn’t always practical – and you need to be able to put your trust in a partner that can work independently at times.

Our seniority and flexibility means we are comfortable with both ways of working and either way, we’ll employ the same principles: applying time and effort, asking difficult questions of the data and of each other and thoroughly stress-testing solutions before presenting them to the business.


Our genuine collaboration philosophy comes to life at our Perspex Wall.

Here we bring everyone’s views together and map out our analysis, hypotheses and see the big picture.

Before turning this into a formal debrief, we’ll share the raw thinking with you: giving you access to answers early; giving you the chance to work with us and shape the story; giving you ownership of that story and, giving you confidence that the analysis stands up to scrutiny before making decisions based on it.


All of our projects are bespoke and all of them have flexibility built into them from the outset but on every project we’ll always start with extracting more value from what you know, and only conduct primary research when it will add incremental value and understanding.

And we will always use a combination of data sources and methodologies to approach the question. Any one individual lens will be flawed but by using the right combination of observation, questioning, data exploration, modelling and frameworks we can get a clearer view of the truth and ensure we have robust answers from which to make confident decisions.