Brand strategy

Leverage the power of brands to form more meaningful and profitable relationships with consumers and customers.

Questions We Answer

How can my brand stand out in the market?
How should we best leverage the different brands we have in the category?
How can we credibly stretch our brand into new spaces?
How do we organise our range so it’s easy for consumers to understand?
Can we create some clear guidelines so our brands are not competing with themselves?
How can my brands be more distinctive?

Our Perspective

Brand strategy is too often disconnected from the reality of the business that is trying to execute it. It is also often far removed from the truth of how consumers navigate and make choices. Lofty words that sound good on paper but simply don’t translate into clear action, meaningful connection with people, and ultimate commercial return.

We develop strategy that balances desirability, credibility and commercial viability. We start with where brands can make a genuine and valued difference to people’s lives and build plans that businesses can actually deliver. We have a sharp focus on ensuring incremental reach within brands and across portfolios. We take the business with us on the journey to ensure seamless transition into execution.

Example Projects


Developed a positioning strategy for a leading swimwear brand to encourage more people to take up swimming.


Created a new brand architecture for Tesco’s Own Label Business.


Optimised Unilever’s portfolio of men’s brands to better incrementally address the US market.

Brand Creation
& Development

Developed Skinsei, a premium, personalised, DTC skin-care brand for Unilever to take advantage of the growing microbiome opportunity.

Why The Forge?

The Forge is an award-winning strategy consultancy, delivering exceptional commercial returns for the world’s biggest brands. We help our clients create enduring and meaningful value for their consumers and customers.

But Don't Take Our Word For It

The findings Forge provided were hugely helpful in re-setting the strategy. They helped us see how we needed to re-engineer not only our product but our comms to drive greater relevance with the target customer.

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