Accelerate customer growth against a spread of innovation horizons. Spanning systematic evolution of current products and services through to unlocking new solutions and business models in emergent value spaces.

Questions We Answer

What’s the future of my category?
What’s the best way to leverage our new breakthrough technology?
Can you help maximise our proposition?
Can you help us provide focus to our innovation plans?
Can you help use create breakthrough ideas to unlock growth?

Our Perspective

Successful innovation is inherently challenging to get right and the litany of promising but ultimately failed introductions tells its own story.

The reasons are many. A failure to understand the true competitive landscape and establish where the money is. Propositions rooted in benefits that people don’t value enough to change their behaviour or a failure to make the differentiation visible and motivating. Inconsistent internal engagement and support through entire route to market.

We believe that innovation loves focus. We start with rigorous mapping of the commercial opportunity and pinpoint where real under-exploited value lives. We lay out the ‘must-have’ rules to get into the consideration set and then how can you be compelling enough to drive preference. 

We use this to develop commercially viable ideas that people see as having genuine advantage over existing solutions and build a strong case for action that unlocks commitment across the whole organisation.

Example Projects


Defined an innovation strategy and process for Tesco Own Label brands.


Created a set of future facing innovation platforms for Asahi to take them beyond beer.


Created a series of foresight platforms to guide customer experience development for Zurich.


Helped develop the proposition for a personalised, DTC skincare brand for Unilever.

Idea and

Created innovation strategy and pipeline of ideas that smashed Nielsen BASES norms for J&J consumer healthcare brands.

Why The Forge?

The Forge is an award-winning strategy consultancy, delivering exceptional commercial returns for the world’s biggest brands. We help our clients create enduring and meaningful value for their consumers and customers.

But Don't Take Our Word For It

This was my second project working with The Forge and I must say you guys are a cut above the rest when it comes to understanding our business and the challenges. True partners.

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