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Drive growth with actionable strategies to increase penetration, frequency and loyalty, and influence behaviour.

Questions We Answer

How can we recruit the next generation of users?
How do we maximise our on and offline environments to win with new customers?
What are the biggest drivers of loyalty?
Where are the biggest points of frustration for our customers?
How can we increase consideration and trial of our products?

Our Perspective

In simple terms, this is about winning more customer and consumer choices for your business. This spans recruiting people for the first time, broadening their interactions or deepening their connection with a product, service or brand.

Our approach is anchored in the principle that behaviour is most powerfully influenced by what people value and what is visible to them. To do this we help identify the barriers & triggers that need to be leveraged in order to drive the necessary behaviour change. We are also clear on what actions will have disproportionate impact on different target groups, therefore providing the greatest commercial returns.

Example Projects


Developed a customer acquisition growth framework for Avon across 9 markets.


Mapped the end-to-end journey to identify frustrations and opportunities for a leading investment bank.


Developed an optimised customer experience framework for ASDA’s online shopping.


Developed a bespoke behaviour change strategy for Zurich to encourage more people to save for retirement.

Why The Forge?

The Forge is an award-winning strategy consultancy, delivering exceptional commercial returns for the world’s biggest brands. We help our clients create enduring and meaningful value for their consumers and customers.

But Don't Take Our Word For It

All the time I have worked with The Forge, they have become real business partners. Not only do they have a very good understanding of our business and challenges, but they will always go a mile further to question our thinking, to bring in new ideas and perspectives. They have been instrumental in helping us understand some behaviour change patterns, in giving clear directions on likely future behaviour evolution and on paths to react as a business. Projects are always delivered with excellence with a very high level of strategic thinking.

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